Publishing Tips

So many of us today have an idea for a book. In fact, you may already have it written. Well, the publishing industry has and will continue to change, giving you the opportunity to become a published author and/or illustrator without having to spend months and years trying to get picked up by a traditional publisher. But is self-publishing the best option for you? I know it was for me!

On this page, I'll be sharing information about traditional publishing, self-publishing, creating query letters, marketing, investing in PR, illustrating, connecting thru social media, and more! I hope you will also share your links, stories, and tips for other's to gain from!

Traditional Publishing or Self-publishing

Five Tips When Illustrating a Children's Chapter Book by Melissa Perry Moraja

Tips for Newbie Writers by Melissa Perry Moraja on Working Mother

How to Create a Personal Brand Image by Melissa Perry Moraja on Working Mother

Should you go the traditional route or self-publish? by Mike Wells

What's the Problem with Self-publishing?  Library Journal by Josh Hadro

Query Letters

Anatomy of A Query Letter  Writing for Children and Teens by Cynthea Liu

How to Write Query Letter


Getting Your Self-published Book into Libraries by Marlene Harris

Are You Really Ready to Build a New Website or Blog?  by Pam Moore, Marketing Nutz


  1. I'm so glad I found this. I have actually been looking and shopping around for self publishing options. I think I found the one I plan to use but any off of the top of your head advice/tips you would suggest I am all ears.

  2. Hi Angela,

    I hope my tips have helped you. Feel free to ask questions. Self-publishing can be very rewarding. One important key is marketing. Melissa and